UniQuartz® slabs are created from natures resplendent light and wind, transports natures beauty to all of your daily living spaces through natural and sophisticated textures and patterns. UniQuartz® upgrades the levels of distinction and luxury in all your living spaces.

UniQuartz® uses 93% hard quartz stone and the binding properties of polymer resins of 7%. UniQuartz® is a significant improvement over natural stone in terms of moisture absorption and hardness. UniQuartz® has the natural beauty in terms of its external appearance of stone and its strength. UniQuartz® are suited for kitchens, bathrooms, and other counter tops. Rest assured, we use the most environmental friendly methods for manufacturing quality quartz countertops.

Our countertops come with incredible sheen and fit in seamlessly, giving you joint-free slabs. As against the regular size of 3.00′ x 1.40′ common with other manufacturers, UniQuartz® Super Size slabs measure 3.20′ x 1.60′. These provide you with the ability to minimize unsightly joints in counter tops and provide more economic cutting of your counter tops. Uniquartz products have a 10 year warranty

UniQuartz® comes in 36 different colors.

For more information on our UniQuartz slabs, visit https://uniquartz.co.nz/

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