Universal Granite Ltd currently carry a total of four ranges of COMPAC – The Surfaces Company – Unique, Ice of Genesis, Obsidiana and Petra.

COMPAC, THE SURFACES COMPANY, is the leading company in Spain marketing high quality decorative surfaces. Founded in 1975, they were the first Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of marble and quartz surface coverings. Today they are a large multinational with 100% Spanish capital that has learned how to grow while preserving its flexibility and independent decision-making spirit.

COMPAC Technological Quartz is a product composed by 93-95% of pure quartz one of the finest and durable natural materials. Only the sapphire, topaz and diamond are hardener than it.

COMPAC, THE SURFACES COMPANY, has achieved a unique and prestigious product thanks to the efforts in creating new products and the strict control of quality’s standards. This product composed of natural quartz crystals, pigments and resins is the most beautiful and luxurious product for multiple decorative applications in houses.

COMPAC Technological Quartz for their physical and mechanical characteristics has an extraordinary hardness, resistance to abrasion (scratch) and impacts, no porosity to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, which helps you to maintain permanent brightness and depth. This is the ideal material for worktops, vanity-tops, flooring, tiling and due to its strength, high traffic surfaces.

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