Stone Type | Quartzite

Quartzite is created underground when sandstone is exposed to heat and pressure. The grains recrystallize, forming interlocking crystals that are extremely hard and often compared in durability to granite. Quartzites come in various colours depending on the amount of iron oxide and minerals in the stone.

The stone can be cut into slabs or tiles, making it a versatile material for all-natural stone surfaces. Although Quartzite is rock hard some certain quartzites may etch with lemon juices and acids. Some quartzites may be susceptible to staining and liable to absorb wine, tomato sauce etc.

Quartzite comes in different finishes:

  • Polished Finish – High sheen
  • Honed Finish – Matt to satin with no sheen
  • Leathered Finished – Textured

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