Showroom Bookings

  • We are busy and appreciate your booking! Please note that currently bookings are required and we will not be taking walk in visits. Please fill out the information below and someone will be in touch shortly

    We will be taking bookings between 9am – 12.00 & 12.30 – 3.30pm weekdays .

    We ask that you visit when you are at a stage of your project where you are ready to select your stone, if you are still in a planning stage, please visit our website and browse our available products. Another good resource is that has good information about our range. Feel free to call our Showroom on 027 565 1933 or email if you have any questions or would like more information.

    Please ensure that you give us good contact details so that we can ring and organize a booking for your visit. Bookings are essential currently as we are experiencing increased numbers and we want to offer our usual great service.

    Please note the following:
    • We are regularly disinfecting all surfaces such as door handles, counter tops and samples.
    • We will be contract tracing as per requirements

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

    In accordance with our Health and Safety management plan and the “Health and safety Work Act 2015” along with current government regulations visitors must obey all reasonable instructions and signs whilst on site to ensure their actions create no hazards to people or property. Your site host will brief you on any specific health and safety requirements in the areas you are visiting. You must be accompanied at all times unless inducted on our site.

    Fire & Emergency Evacuation

    If the emergency alarm sounds or you are directed to evacuate, proceed immediately to the evacuation assembly point inside the gate on the left. Your host or other staff member will direct you if they are able. Remain there until the “all clear” is given.

    Site Hazards

    Hazard Control
    Visitor vehicles, forkhoist and heavy transport trucks. Vehicle movements forwards and reverse, opening doors, loading and unloading. Workers and pedestrians in carpark.
    Divers and pedestrians to take all precautions possible when in the carpark. Lights on when conditions poor. Remain vigilant when in the carpark and warehouse of vehicle and crane movements.
    Slippery Surfaces:
    Floors are often slippery, especially when wet.
    Wear appropriate footwear. Be mindful of conditions
    Falling Objects:
    Large, heavy objects are move in the showroom by gantry crane. Earthquake risk.
    Stay within the marked areas of the warehouse. Never stand beneath slabs being moved by the gantry crane. Stand on the side of viewing slabs that are tilted away from you.
    Covid 19 Transmission:
    Risks associated with transmission due to being in a public shared space
    Please make sure that appointments are kept punctually. Please comply with all measures including but not limited to – hygiene (including use of hand sanitizer), distancing and not touching surfaces within the business as much as possible. Please do not visit if in a quarantine period after returning from overseas or being in close contact with a known or possible carrier or a quarantined person.

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