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Transparente 1L, Bianco 1L, 1141 1L, 2141 1L, 3141 1L, 9141 1L, 2350 1L, 4120 1L, Nero 1L, Bianco 2 1L, Grigio 1L, Paglierino 1L, Fluido Transparente 1L, Bianco 17L, Transparente 17L


1L, 17L


Tenax Solido is a high quality polyester mastic used to horizontally repair, rebuild, glue and fill marble and quartz surfaces.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Appearance: coloured knife
  • Colorable: Universal colour pastes
  • Mixing ratio: 100+2/3
  • Gel time (in bulk at 25°C): 4-5 min
  • Working time (at 25°C): 60-80 min

Comes with 45ml hardener

For more information, visit https://www.tenax.it/

Click here for safety data sheet EN_SOLIDOTRASPARENTE_CLP



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