(E) Meteore 30mm

Bundle description

Origin Italy
Finish Leathered
Thickness 30mm
Bundle DN708L
Available Slabs 3
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Quartzite is created underground when sandstone is subjected to heat and pressure. The grains recrystallize and interlock becoming extremely hard and comparable in durability to granite. We offer the largest range of quartzite in New Zealand with some that mimic marble and all have a depth and uniqueness that will be sure to impress. Known for it’s beauty and exotic appearance paired with its extreme hardness, it is easy to see why this is becoming a popular choice for high use areas. Finishes available generally are polished (high gloss), honed (matt/satin) and in some stones leathered (a leather look and texture). Being a natural and durable stone, each one unique in appearance, this stone will impress. Make an appointment and come and view our range.

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