(A) Ivory Fantasy 30mm Polished

Bundle description

Ivory Fantasy - great value in cream and grey.

Origin India
Finish Polished
Thickness 30mm
Bundle 2075P
Available Slabs 0
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An Entry level granite from India available in 30mm with a polished finish. A classic beige and back speckled pattern that will fit easily into any home. Granite is renown for being a hard-wearing stone that, with the right care, will last to be part of the story of your installation. We offer the largest range of Granite in New Zealand sourced from many countries bringing the right synergy of style and affordability to complete your awesome and unique project. The abundance and widespread availability of granite world wide means that there is a huge variety within the range, from uniform looks to waves, veins, stripes, spots and more. Granite is an igneous rock formed from crystallization of magma (or lava) over millennia. Finishes available generally are polished (high gloss), honed (matt/satin) and in some stones leathered (a leather look and texture). Being a natural, durable stone, available in a huge range of colours, we are confident that we can meet your requirement for durability and style. Make an appointment and come and view our range. Granite PDF - care & maintenance

Ivory Fantasy – great value in cream and grey.

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