UniQuartz® | Care and Maintenance

Uniquartz® is an extremely tough 93% quartz, 7% polymer resin surface perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other counter tops that need non porous, stain resistant surfaces. Please refer to this care & maintenance guide to ensure ease of maintenance and longevity of your kitchen & bathroom surfaces.

Everyday Cleaning

Uniquartz requires very little maintenance to keep the surface looking like new. For everyday routine cleaning of your Uniquartz countertop we recommend wiping the surface with clean warm soapy water from a mild detergent and a damp cloth, followed by drying the surface with a clean towel. We also recommend use of a quality stone-safe spray and wipe cleaner such as Quartz Spray Cleaner and Quartz Cream Cleanser. Please understand that the concrete finish will require more daily maintenance than our polished finish as metal marks, fingerprints and other signs of daily living will show on the concrete finish. The concrete finish will require sealing by the fabricator prior to installation. It is also important to understand that like all materials with dark colours show marks and smears more readily than light colours.

Tough? Yes. Indestructible? No. As with any surface, UniQuartz can be permanently damaged by exposure to strong chemicals and solvents that undermine its physical properties. Do not use any products that contain trichloroethane or methylene chloride, such as paint removers or stripper. Avoid any highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven cleaner that have high alkaline/pH levels and abrasive products like Jif® or metal cleaning products. Should the surface be accidentally exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

Food Preparation
We always recommend cutting on an appropriate cutting board and never directly on the Uniquartz® surface.

As polished UniQuartz is virtually non-porous it will keep its lustrous gloss and ultra-smooth surface without polishing and it never needs sealing. Products with a concrete finish, i.e. White Concrete and Concrete Storm do require sealing to maintain optimum appearance. Tenax® Quartz Shield applied at the time of installation is recommended.

Heat Resistance
Uniquartz® will tolerate brief exposures to moderately high temperatures, however, prolonged direct contact with, or radiated heat from very hot pots can cause thermal shock, discolouration or damage. Therefore we do not recommend placing hot pots, pans, electric frying pans, oven trays, etc. directly from the hotplate or out of the oven onto the surface of Uniquartz®. We always recommend the use of a chopping board or heat trivet to place hot items on.

Quartz Clean Spray Cleaner® & Quartz Clean Cream Cleaner®

Quartz Clean Spray Cleaner is for everyday cleaning of UniQuartz benchtops and wet spills, simply spray the surface and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Quartz Clean Cream Cleaner is for more stubborn stains and dried spills that require a more thorough clean, apply a small amount to a wet cloth or sponge, wet the surface and wipe in a circular motion until the mark has gone then wipe off residue with a clean damp cloth.

For further advice about cleaning and maintaining your UniQuartz® benchtop, please call 09 274 8846 or enquire via our website https://uniquartz.co.nz/

Do not use on marble and other acid sensitive surfaces, may cause corrosion and irreversible opacity. When a surface is treated for the first time we suggest testing the product on a small hidden part to determine the correct dosage to achieve the desired result. Close container after usage, keep out of reach of children. As this is a powerful cleaner avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Store in a cool non-humid area away from sunlight.

Thank you for purchasing from our UniQuartz® range. We hope you enjoy your benchtop for many years to come.
FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.uniquartz.co.nz

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